If you are buying a house with a pitched roof, check whether the roof is supported on braced (fink) trusses which means the loft will be choked off with wooden struts. Older houses used to make a feature of a having a full height loft you can walk around in. Many have been converted to living space with their storage now limited to the sides of the roof space where the roof pitch has brought ceiling height below head height.

A loft may be a good space for long-term storage for stuff rarely used, but we need cupboards for the things we want to use at a moment’s notice. Remember - we're not talking here about kitchen cupboards. Those will be full of pots, pans, plates etc. We're thinking about vacuum cleaners, toys, buggies, bed linen etc.

So how much space do we need for general storage?

Again, it depends how many people in-house. Here is a list of how much floor area should be given over to storage cupboards, depending upon the number of people in the dwelling.

As one storage cupboard will often have a floor area of about one third of a square metre, we have also indicated the number of floor-to-ceiling storage cupboards that you might need. However, this is only a rough approximation so it is better to look at the floor area of storage cupboards in the house or flat, rather than simply count how many there are.

It’s worth remembering that storage shelving is usually about 1 ft or a third of a metre deep when tallying up your storage capacity.


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