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Gentoo Group Ltd is the 11th largest social landlord in Britain. It was created in 2001 when more than two-thirds of the city’s council tenants voted to transfer 35,356 properties owned by the council to a new company to manage, regenerate and develop their potential.

Gentoo Group Ltd’s vision is to offer good quality housing to all tenures, social rent, shared ownership and market sale. So the new company includes a market sale operation called Pathway Homes. This means it also competes with the private developers for home buyers’ money and Gentoo believes a homes’ appeal lies in the quality of its plan - which means not skimping on internal dimensions.

Gentoo homes are typically larger than those both in the private sector and those supported with government grant. It is one definition of sustainable housing felt throughout the group, spelled out here by its Chief Executive Peter Walls:

“Our cars are getting bigger, our kids are growing taller but our homes are getting smaller. We shouldn’t be responding to the higher cost of building or land by making everything smaller. Gentoo Group Ltd is committed to drawing a line in the sand on this issue and I hope this website will help the public better understand how a property measures up – literally – to their needs.”

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email: cosy@swingacat.info
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